You know those things you don't use anymore?
Those things in a corner of your bedroom, gathering dust?
You can swap them. And in the most awesome way.

A fast paced experience

Swipe through potential swaps and make an offer when you see something you want.
But BE FAST. If you are too slow you may lose the opportunity forever!

Negotiate the best deal

Make up for an unbalanced swap proposal by demanding or offering more items.

Fast & Easy

Adding an item to Swappflow takes no more than 20 seconds.


When you come into an agreement with someone, your contacts will be exchanged. You can then discuss further details and set up a meeting point to make the swap.


It's fun

In Swappflow you got to think fast. Feel the adrenaline.

Easier than selling

Maybe people don't want to buy your things. But what if they are willing to swap them for stuff you want?

Get stuff for free

No money is being exchanged. You give stuff, you get stuff. Simple.

Free download

Swap for more.